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We Are Team Sheikie

We Are Team Sheikie

Welcome everyone to our newest feature.




This is where we share with you the wit and wisdom found from tweets by The Iron Sheik.


A little Background.

The Iron Sheik was born in Iran.  He participated in the 1968 Mexico Olympics, representing his country in Greco Roman wrestling.  You might remember the ’68 Olympics for something else though.

Pictured: What you know about the ’68 Olympics. Not Pictured: The Iron Sheik


After, he became a professional wrestler.  A foreign wrestler with an accent most evil.  And A handlebar mustache.  And horned boots, that he would stamp three times to “load a foreign object” into.  He was the WWF world Heavyweight Champion and was the man whom Hulk Hogan Defeated en route to becoming the greatest human being that ever lived.

As an aside, My dad was there.  He describes the match as “He Hulked in, we went crazy and two minutes later he Hulks out.  We didn’t have time to sit down!”

Anyway, he has since semi-retired, and has gone on to become a staple on Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony.  He’s a staple on those programs because he is a complete maniac.

A. Complete. Goddamn. Fucking. Maniac.

And Team Sheikie is here to share some of his tweets.  And give you the wisdom buried therein.


Enjoy what’s to come.