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In Defense Of Greg Schiano

In Defense Of Greg Schiano

This is not going to be a typical apologetic article.  In fact, this isn’t going to be particularly apologetic at all.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are awful.  There is no defending their record.  As Bill Parcells famously said “You are what your record says you are.”

They have handled the general trials of a football season with all the grace of a fat idiot with a limited vocabulary trying to explain the human condition.

Somebody say my  name?

From MRSA, to the leaks coming out of the locker room about Josh Freeman, to handling of Josh Freeman, to the whole team just being a farce, the Bucs have been lousy.  When a team is that lousy it, and the locker room is in disarray it falls on the head coach.

Greg Schiano.

And Greg Schiano is not a good NFL Head Coach.

Without  getting to much into pop-psychology it seems that Greg Schiano hasn’t quite figured out that the nonsense that works at Mid-Level University football programs doesn’t translate to the NFL, where you are dealing withHow can I sow disharmony today? players who make WAAAAAYYYY more than him and the cult of personality that college coaches have doesn’t matter.

Greg Schiano will most likely be fired.  And with good reason.

But we’ll be seeing more of Greg Schiano.  First in college, and then again in the NFL.

There’s one reason.  It has not nothing to do with football acumen.

Greg Schiano looks the part.

How can I sow disharmony today?

You may think it sounds ridiculous, but it matters.

It matters a lot.

Hollywood movie casting is entirely about the look.  Pro Wrestling is entirely about the look.

And When you go on a job interview, you dress real nice like.

Would you hire a guy dressed like this as your Dentist?

No. You would not.

He doesn’t look the part.

It’s all about the look.

So after Greg Schiano gets canned, he’s going to be looking for work at some point.

He’ll go to another college, get a job and then in just a few seasons, there will be an opening in the NFL.

They’ll need a tough coach, an owners coach, not a players coach.

And then right out of central casting, a square jawed, thick set,  tanned, slightly greying at the temples disciplinarian will walk through the door.

He’ll impress the GM and owner.

He’ll get the job.

Like in any business, you want to dress for the job you want.

Greg Schiano just looks like a head coach.

Any knucklehead can learn plays and schemes.  That’s not a coach.

A coach has to have Charisma.

Charisma counts.  A head coach is nothing but charisma.

For Greg Schiano, that might just be all that matters.

Think Greg Schiano is ugly?  Tell us!

Carlo is a New England based writer and MBA student.  He is not a Schiano man.