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The Pope and The Sheik

The Pope and The Sheik

If you are not following The Iron Sheik on twitter, do so.



The Iron Sheik has stated himself to be a Sunni Muslim.  He has watched with the Roman Catholic Church appoint a new Pope.  He is trusting that the new Pope, Pope Francis, will be true leader.

But deeper, The Iron Sheik is question the very fabric of Leadership.  The Iron Sheik is casting aside the shadows of the Church to say “Hey, who are you to say you are so important.  I am a man just like you.  No matter what group of men elect you, you are no better than any other one of God’s creatures.”  The Iron Sheik believes, as is obvious by this tweet, that we are all God’s children.

The Real or the Jabroni?  The Pope may just be a Jabroni to the Iron Sheik.  But the Iron Sheik knows he will lead as a humble servant.

And that will make him The Real.


Team Sheikie.