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Soccer Ref Nearly Causes Riot!

Soccer Ref Nearly Causes Riot!

Two things that we must learn.

Soccer Players are the biggest fakers.

Soccer Players don’t mess around


The fun starts at 39 seconds.  In what looks like a small time match, a referee is doing his thing and Yellow cards a player.  That player comes to debate him and puts his hands on the referee.  The referee in turn – punches the player with a light swooping punch.  He has no power coming from his core, it’s an arm and shoulder punch.

Do you all see that tiny moment of reaction when the player decides, in true Soccer fashion, that the hit should floor him?  His bullshit fake-o-meter is so finely tuned that he can’t even help but flop.  That’s why people can’t get into soccer in America because the flopping is so obvious.

But my favorite is – during the chase – because of course there is a chase, all of the players are attempting to kick him.  They throw wacky mid-air flying kicks like they are Liu freaking Kang.

But you’re going to tell me the NBA wouldn’t be 100000 times better if Dick Bavetta couldn’t throw a right cross to LeBron?