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Rosie Grier Is A Terrifying Man

Rosie Grier Is A Terrifying Man

Rosie Grier was a member of the dreaded “Fearsome Foursome.”  6’5″ and weighing in at a listed 285, but quite possibly over 300 pounds, Rosie was fast enough to catch and large enough to crush you.  As you can see in this video, this is not a man to be messed with



Which is why it is incredibly interesting, that this man, this behemoth, this nightmare on the gridiron wants you to know that it’s all right to cry.

Free to Be You and Me.  And when Rosie Grier says “It’s all right to cry” what he really means is : “Start crying now!”

My favorite part about this whole thing is that Rosie Greer, who would know that he was supposed to block a certain person on a certain angle for a certain time and then murdertackle someone just by listening to certain letters and numbers shouted in order but did not know that when faking guitar you should strum and change chords!

But after a hard day of crying, Rosie thinks it’s important that you focus on your career and learn a trade.  Possibly needlepoint.


This. Man. Is. Terrifying. Wonderful.