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Pitcher This!

Pitcher This!
I am one of the biggest Yankee fans in New York.  Yet, even I have to admit that they make a lot of mistakes.  Mostly with their pitching staff.  Last week they did something smart.  The Yankees re-signed 40 year old, veteran pitcher Andy Pettitte to a one year contract.  It’ll be Pettite’s 18th season in the big leagues, 15 of those 18 years have been spent with the Yankees and it’s about to become his 16th.  Even though he is 40, losing velocity and fighting injuries, he is a much needed left arm in the rotation, and could possibly be their most reliable pitcher, when healthy.

Of course, they have CC Sabathia who has pitched well.  He is not as dominant as he once was but he is still their ace.  The rest of the rotation could be a question mark going into the 2013 season. Ivan Nova’s career is slowly ending because of repeated injuries.  Phil Hughes hasn’t been consistent as a starting pitcher.  He’s just in the rotation because they do not have any better options.  He would be better used in the bullpen.  David Phelps has some potential but he is too young to be a spectacular starting pitcher just yet.  Hiroki Kuroda is good but not very consistent either. Freddy Garcia is likely coming to the end of his career and cannot be counted on as a starter.  In the ALCS against the Tigers, the Yankees scored a total of 6 runs in 4 games and they gave up 19 runs.  That’s not good enough to get it done.

Once again, we face another winter and the conversation is still the same: They Yankees don’t have enough pitching.  Now they need a catcher also. They should bring in a veteran catcher like A.J. Pierzynski. He’s a good hitter and good behind the plate. They are one of the richest teams in MLB, they can afford to bring in another decent pitcher and a catcher.  In fact, it’s something they must do.
I’m 10 years old and I know that!  They are a bunch of grown men and they can’t figure it out?!
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