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Magic Number: 5

Magic Number: 5

The Magic Number is 5…


Now I’m holding my breath as I say this, because we all have been burnt before, but I dare say that the Braves are going to the Postseason. AND without having to participate in the Wild Card Playoff Game (that ridiculousness warrants its own article later). The question now is when we they clinch.


I’m hopeful for the Milwaukee series for somewhat, okay maybe entirely, selfish reasons; I will be there. I’d also like to say I have hope that the Braves will win every game making the clinch during the Washington series. However, realistically, my best educated guess would be for the Cubs series. The Braves have won 75% of the time they played Washington, and they’ve done extremely well against the Cubs.


Mathematically, their numbers put them on the fence between  winning two and sweeping the Nats series, but a little too close to two for comfort. And as far as the Cubs, the Braves have swept them in the sole series match-up but that was the first week of April, and might as well been an entirely different season. However, I still think the Braves have the Cubs series in the bag. My prediction is that the Braves will clinch on the second game of the Cubs series (still definitely hoping for the first of the Milwaukee series though).


I asked my twiends (I’m adopting @JimDerochea’s so much better term for ‘twitter followers’), and they seemed pretty divided, although all believed it would be before the Milwaukee series. I was pleased, and a little worried, when most stated with certainty it would be the last game of Washington series, meaning the Braves would have to win pretty much nonstop for a few days. I love my Braves; I believe in them. I also know that, like any of us, they have bad days. Sometimes life hits you with a curveball, sometimes Jon Niese hits you with a fastball. So I will wait, with bated breath, for that magic number to hit 0.

Hayley purposely chose classes for the Fall semester that end before 7PM. Her absence from class September 23 for the Braves-Milwaukee game is being excused as a religious holiday.