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The Great NBA Conspiracy

The Great NBA Conspiracy

By: Carlo Rivieccio

Welcome Back to another edition of YouTube Greatness.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there has been a dark cloud hanging over the NBA for nearly 20 years.  A conspiracy that rises all the way to the top.  The NBA has covered up an egregious scam, rivaling the entirity of the Tim Donaghy scandal.

Here I’d like to show you the Highlights of the 1993 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.  Or as I like to call it, The Time Cedric Ceballos Cheated Us All (but mostly Larry Johnson) Out Of The Championship.

Why do I call it that?

Because Cedric Ceballos freaking Cheated!

The Winning dunk saw Cedric don a blindfold, one-upping Dee Brown’s previous No Look Dunk, running down the court and dunking.

It was spectacular and true feat of athletic ability and muscle memory.

Except there is no way you can ever convince me that Cedric Ceballos couldn’t see.



The Proof?  at 3:21 of the Video Mr. Ceballos takes off for the basket, apparantley unable to see.

He takes off from the sideline beyond half court, on a trajectory that would take him about 8 feet to the (viewers) left of the basket.

At 3:22, As he reaches the top of the key he suddenly CHANGES HIS DIRECTION, angling DIRECTLY TOWARDS the basket.

At 3:23, the height of his villainy, Mr. Ceballos, dunks the basketball.



If he couldn’t see (and whom, may I ask, inspected that Blind Fold?) then how the heck did he know where he was and when to change direction? It’s not as if he ran from the middle of Half Court and had to just count steps.  He ran and changed direction and ended up perfectly in the middle for a blindfolded dunk.

Completely impossible.

He could see.  The angle change is a dead give-away.  And having a former Dunk Contest Champion living a lie sets a horrible example for the children.  He should have been immediately disqualified.

Cedric Ceballos, abdicate your throne and give it to its rightful owner.

Larry Johnson was robbed.


Your move, David Stern




Carlo Rivieccio is a New York Based performer and writer. Larry Johnson was his favorite player. He actually got angry writing this.