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Freddie Freeman’s Famous Hugs

Freddie Freeman’s Famous Hugs

I recently asked my twitter followers what makes Freddie Freeman such a beloved fan favorite. With a .294 batting average, .365 on base percentage, and a .413 slugging percentage, no one is arguing he’s not a good player. However, Freeman’s endearing off-field personality is what draws fans to him.

Freddie Freeman has gained quite a reputation both on the field and off. For the third year now, he has gained a reputation as one of the Atlanta Braves’ power hitters. He has also developed a reputation for his customary Freddie Freeman hugs bestowed when his teammates hit home runs.




Freeman, the youngest in the family, spent much of his childhood without motherly hugs. His mother, Rosemary, passed away in 2000 from melanoma when he was just ten years old. Almost every game he can be seen in long sleeves, no matter what the temperature, that shield his skin from the sun’s harmful rays to lower his chances at also developing melanoma. He’s also partnered with many organizations to help spread awareness of melanoma, and volunteer to spend time with children who have also lost parents at a young age. He often tweets about both of these causes.

Less than two years after his mother passed away, he saved his father’s life. At the threat of losing both of his parents at such a young age, he packed clothes and convinced his father to go to the hospital, after Fred Freeman had trouble breathing when he stood. Doctors credited his quick thinking and persistence with saving his father’s life, who they believe would’ve died the same night if he hadn’t quickly checked into the hospital.

The hardest part of his life took another blow with his grandmother’s death just a year after he almost lost his father.

Earlier this month, Freeman sported pink on mother’s day with his mother in mind. He’s mentioned her in countless interviews and talked about how he tries every single day to make her proud.

It was his mother who saw the potential for little Freddie to be a powerful left-handed batter when he was just six years old. She pulled him off the field when his T-ball coach directed him to hit right handed because he threw right-handed.

Freeman has spoke of his first over-the-fence hit at eight years old. After practice, with his father throwing to him, he slugged a ball over the outfield fence where it pinged off a light pole. Rosemary was walking their dog just a few feet away. Freeman says the memory of his mother’s pride in her little boy is his most vivid memory of her.

Freeman’s abundance of heartfelt hugs are focused mostly on Dan Uggla. Their close friendship has led many to refer to them affectionately as “Fruggla”.  MLB even put out a commercial about the two refining their well known hugs.

Since recently joining Twitter, Freeman has lived up to his reputation as powerful on the field, but sweet and humble. He recently publicly tweeted an apology to a fan who had posted a photo of a black and purple bruise sustained by one of his foul line drives.

It’s reassuring to know that his on-field success and fame he’s experienced for the third year in a row as a power hitter for the Braves hasn’t changed his off-field endearing personality and cause-related  work.


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