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Follow The Fantasy: Trade Updates!

Follow The Fantasy: Trade Updates!

In the last 6 days several trades have gone down in my league that you have been following so intently. I’m going to evaluate each trade and assess a “short term winner.” At the end of the season we will revisit these trade updates and determine a “long term winner” and how that trade may have impacted the participants overall standings.
The Commish’s TheChampisHere (36-29-5; 4th place) sends Homer Baily to Topher’s MyEntireTeamSucks (26-42-2; 8th place) for Jim Henderson.

Jim Henderson is in fact not the creator of The Muppets, he is the closer for the Milwaukee Brewers. He took over the role from the incumbent John Axford, after Axford blew several saves early in the season. With the way Henderson has pitched lately, 6 base runners in his last 9 appearances, his job appears to be very secure, which is a major concern when it comes to closers. But let us face facts; Henderson is on a Brewers team that won’t generate too many save situations. He is maybe a top 15 closer.
Homer Bailey, starter for the Cincinnati Reds, had a real breakout season in 2012. For the first time in his career Bailey started more than 30 games and truly excelled. He posted 168 strikeouts and career low 3.68 earned run average. Bailey while only having 2 two wins this year looks to be improving on last year’s stat line with 55 K’s and a 3.08 ERA.

Topher really needed to boost his saves output. His two closers before the trade were Jonathon Papelbon and Brandon League. Those closers combined have 17 saves and 20 strikeouts. Commish had closers to give owning Kimbrel, Balfour, Valverde, and previously Henderson.
The Commish had a good and large starting staff before acquiring Bailey; King Felix, Ian Kennedy, Zach Greinke, Yovanni Gallardo, Adam Wainwright, Matt Garza (DL), Patrick Corbin, Hyun-Jin Ryu and Tim Hudson. Topher’s rotation is impressive as well with Masterson, AJ Burnett, Wade Miley, Kyle Loshe, Matt Harrison (DL), Lance Lynn, Matt Cain and Kyle Kendrick. With those pitchers Topher could afford to deal a solid tier two-ish starter. I just don’t think the Commish needed another starting pitcher, for two reasons. Firstly, he needs an outfielder more urgently, and secondly as a competitor in the league that is an impressive staff to challenge.

Short Term Winner:

The Commish by a nose. His staff got stronger without giving up a major piece. He got a rook for a knight. And everyone knows the knight is useless with its stupid “L” shaped moves. You can never have enough quality starters in fantasy and real baseball. Commish in turn is going to flip one of those starters for an outfielder. Topher’s bullpen got stronger yes but I don’t think his now 3 closers are going to put him over the top and turn around his season.  For Bailey’s value Topher could have done better.



The Commish’s TheChampisHere (36-29-5; 4th place) sends Chris Davis and Tony Cingrani to Harold’s Fireballz (32-32-6) for Adrian Gonzalez.

Who the fuck is Tony Cingrani? In fact he is nobody, because he’s already been optioned to Triple –A. This trade boils down to swapping two top tier 1b/OF. Davis of the Balitmore Orioles, had a solid season last year and has thus far this season has made the jump to star. Batting .313 with 12 HRs, 40 RBIs, and 26 runs scored. Gonzalez the veteran is hitting .331 with 4 HRs, 29 RBIs and 11 runs scored on an offensively lacking L.A. Dodgers.

The Commish here is selling high. We don’t know if Davis’ numbers are for real or not yet. If they are, he is going to have a TREMENDOUS season. If this is just an early season burst the league will figure him out. The Commish hopes it’s the latter and is relying on Gonzalez, who has been a star for years, to puts up his usual All Star caliber numbers.

Harold is praying for the former. He’s hoping that Davis continues to mash like its 1998 and is the heart of a rising team, on the real and fantasy diamond. In the week since this trade went down Davis didn’t disappoint hitting .316 with 3 RBIs, 3 Runs, and one round tripper.

Short Term Winner:

I’m going to side with Fireballz here. He’s getting a young stud hopefully entering his prime, on a team finding its stride. Toronto and Tampa bay are soon to be complete afterthoughts in that division and the Orioles could challenge the Yankees for the division and easily win a wild card. Gonzalez while a proven star isn’t exactly young, which means more prone to possible injuries. Also unless Gonzalez is traded he is trapped on the weak hitting Dodgers, which means his run total is going to stay minuscule. Right now the ceiling is just too high for Davis.


Come back tomorrow for a review of the other two trades that occurred, including one of my own. See if I made a grave mistake or an amazing acquisition.


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